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Westshore Animal Hospital

About Westshore Animal Hospital 

Westshore Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary medical facility located in South Tampa and serving the greater Tampa area.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to help pets live long, happy and healthy lives. We believe that a key element to a healthy pet is a great relationship between pet owners and veterinarians. Everyone at Westshore Animal Hospital is committed to professional, caring, personalized service. Westshore Animal Hospital is dedicated to practicing the highest standards in veterinary medicine. We have a full-service hospital, offering state-of-the-art veterinary medical and surgical technology.

Our Story

We had talked about opening our own hospital for many years. We met with other hospital owners in the area who were looking to sell their hospital, but nothing felt quite right. Ultimately, we decided to take the leap and open our own hospital and we’re so glad we did!

Our first official business meeting about Westshore Animal Hospital happened on January 31, 2021 at Panera Bread on West Shore and Kennedy. At that meeting, we chose the hospital name, secured a website domain and wrote a mission statement. Our next step was to find the perfect location! We looked at several options all over South Tampa and finally found the perfect location on West Shore Blvd, between Euclid and El Prado. From there, we organized financing, met with architects and builders and the rest is history!

Building it from scratch, we got to put thoughtful design into every inch of the space and make it exactly how we wanted. We built a hospital where pets are comfortable, where employees love to go to work, and know they’re appreciated every day. We knew that with a strong positive culture and good medicine, it would be palpable to every pet owner that walked through our doors. 

We wanted to create a unique veterinary experience for pet owners – our lobby is small on purpose – we don’t want clients or pets waiting in the lobby – they are immediately brought into a room on arrival. We have every kind of drink and snack refreshments available – coffee and juice in the morning, beer and wine in the afternoon. Plus, water, soda, tea, etc. For any kids that join their pets for a vet visit, we have juice pouches and snacks available, coloring books, and more. We use fear free techniques to keep the pets happy and calm during the whole visit – lots of treats and squeeze cheese and Churu pouches at the ready! We give every family a tour of the entire hospital – we want them to see what we have to offer, it’s always clean and orderly – we’re very proud of every inch of our hospital! We’re very technology-friendly – we have a hospital iPhone and we often text pet owners with updates, pictures, and answer any questions they have about their pet.

We saw our very first patient (a Rhodesian ridgeback dog with an ear laceration), on January 13, 2023 and we officially opened for appointments on January 16, 2023.

We can’t even begin to express the immense pride we have in this business! It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, but seeing our dream come true has been amazing.